Definition of wash one's mouth out (with soap and water) in US English:

wash one's mouth out (with soap and water)


  • often as imperative Stop swearing.

    • ‘You people should go wash your mouths out.’
    • ‘When we were boys Mum told my brothers and I not to use rude words or she'd wash our mouths out with soap.’
    • ‘Your mom may have once threatened to wash your mouth out with soap.’
    • ‘Ian should wash his mouth out with soap!’
    • ‘Have my mother wash my mouth out with soap on public access tv’
    • ‘He should get up, withdraw and apologise, and wash his mouth out.’
    • ‘The Minister should wash her mouth out.’
    • ‘I had no idea that she could even utter that word without wanting to wash her mouth out.’
    • ‘But when it comes to the economy, I'm not ready to wash my mouth out just yet.’
    • ‘Both sides, whilst washing their mouths out with soap, may still ponder the title.’