Definition of wash drawing in US English:

wash drawing


  • A picture or sketch made by laying on washes of watercolor, typically in monochrome, over a pen or pencil drawing.

    • ‘Meet his delightful characters face to face through original wash drawings, working drawings, puppets, models and a full-scale set.’
    • ‘It was a method of etching tone which creates an effect akin to a wash drawing.’
    • ‘Seventeenth century ink and wash drawing of a Khoikhoi cow being milked, from The Khoikhoi at the Cape of Good Hope, published by the South African Library, with text by Andrew Smith and Roy Heiffer.’
    • ‘This highly finished wash drawing is entirely characteristic of Piola's presentation sheets, which were intended to be independent works of art rather than preparatory studies for his paintings.’
    • ‘Behind me the sky is still blue; ahead, it looks like a clumsy India-ink wash drawing.’
    • ‘Six similar stories, linked together with short narrative pieces and illustrated with pen and wash drawings of the visitors to my garden would make a rather nice little book.’
    • ‘There's an early 19th-century sepia wash drawing, with the clearly false signature of Fuseli, showing a group of classically draped women grieving over a recumbent nude male.’
    • ‘The technique of colored wash drawing is often especially associated with Anglo-Saxon book illumination, which presents a rich development of the art of pen drawing, as opposed to painting with heavy opaque pigments.’
    • ‘The first is a spirited pen, ink and wash drawing with white heightening by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, to give him his full name, an artist not properly represented in the museum's collection.’
    • ‘They include early topographical wash drawings of the 1790s as well as watercolour sketches of continental Europe produced in the 1830s and 1840s.’
    • ‘Previously, he was believed to have simply worked the field sketches into more elaborate line and wash drawings and from these made the large romantic paintings of the West for which he has become so well known.’
    • ‘Recording a region fulfilled a lifetime's ambition to publish an illustrated topographical book, containing pen and wash drawings, poems and prose descriptions, commissioned by Trafford Council.’
    • ‘Highlight of Christie's drawings sale on the 6 July is one of Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo's glorious pen, ink and wash drawings from the life of Punchinello series.’
    • ‘Kerry James Marshall at Jack Shainman, a series of wash drawings by David Godbold and here at the Kerlin Gallery, and Amy Coulter at Leslie Tonkonow.’
    • ‘The wash drawing Saint Luke Painting the Virgin of about 1590, replete with torso, by Andrea Boscoli provides an addendum.’
    • ‘Just before Russell completed the drawings, Cooper wrote to him asking if the works would be line or wash drawings.’


wash drawing

/wäSH ˈdroiNG/