Definition of warmongering in US English:



  • Encouragement or advocacy of aggression toward other countries or groups.

    ‘sermons accusing the government of racism and warmongering’
    • ‘That, in part, is why the west has always provided a politically expedient cover for warmongering.’
    • ‘No amount of muckraking or warmongering can divert attention from the mess the government will leave behind.’
    • ‘Despite all that has happened there is very little warmongering in New York.’
    • ‘It is a batty business, this international warmongering.’
    • ‘They coincided with the rise of anti-nuke protests in that same decade, thanks to warmongering by Reagan.’


  • Encouraging or advocating aggression toward other countries or groups.

    ‘a nation controlled by a bloodthirsty warmongering madman’
    ‘the barrage of warmongering propaganda’
    • ‘The view is that the single most important factor was the personality of warmongering army chief, General Pervez Musharraf.’
    • ‘Convinced Bush is a gung-ho warmongering Texas Republican cowboy, their peace march megaphones reinforce the notion "he's gonna pull the trigger."’
    • ‘Industry has its crises and excesses, its warmongering characteristics.’
    • ‘Protestors have already gathered in Seattle in response to your insensitive and warmongering comment!’
    • ‘If Bush hoped his visit would dispel the image of the US as a warmongering bully, he was mistaken.’