Definition of warm-down in US English:



  • A series of gentle exercises designed to relax the body after strenuous physical exertion.

    • ‘We stayed for a couple of days in Austria, but the players who had played did a separate warm-down from the rest of the squad next day.’
    • ‘After a warm-down and a brief rest, he teamed with Michael Klim, Chris Fydler and Ashley Callus to topple arch rivals the US in the coveted 4x100m freestyle relay in world record time.’
    • ‘Afterwards there was a small reception party of supporters at the door of the Kildare dressing room, to clap the returning players in from their warm-down.’
    • ‘But Glamorgan were one of the fittest teams on the circuit and a side-effect - or rather, according to Fletcher, the primary motive - of the warm-downs was to forge team spirit.’
    • ‘There are warm-ups and warm-downs, pressure management talks, positive attitude sessions, gym regimes and massage routines to contend with.’
    • ‘We also pointed out some positives and then had a warm-down and a stretch.’
    • ‘A prescribed warm-down after each swim would be the most beneficial, along with massage at the end of the day's events.’
    • ‘In what was in reality a warm-down for her earlier exertion, she won that race by nearly a minute.’
    • ‘But they did real warm-downs in those days, son, not like the pathetic imitations I see today.’
    • ‘All of the outfielders except Jamie Carragher were replaced at half-time, as Eriksson sought to protect them from injury, but they indulged in a warm-down at the interval that developed into something of a party.’
    • ‘So I used the first 900 meters of the 1500 as a warm-down to flush the lactic acid out of my system.’
    • ‘He had not met her previously, but having finished her warm-down, she was still hanging around the competitors' tent.’
    • ‘Warm-ups and warm-downs were swum on intervals.’
    • ‘McManus routinely completed it in just over nine minutes and was in the middle of his warm-down when the rest crossed the line.’
    • ‘Yet we hate the aching knees, ankles and Achilles tendons, the elaborate warm-up and warm-down times, the endless stretching.’
    • ‘After the languid, shagged-out warm-down, Allenby climbed from the pool.’
    • ‘Tomorrow they will report for a warm-down and debrief after today's match at Southampton, and on Tuesday preparations for next weekend will begin.’
    • ‘During warm-down, suck down a sports drink to replenish your potassium and sodium stores and restore normal cell and nerve function.’
    • ‘Basically, the warm-down is intended to relieve your muscles of the stress that's has been put on them for the last X amount of time.’
    • ‘‘We are going to enjoy ourselves tonight,’ said Rehhagel, ‘and then the warm-down will start and we have to concentrate.’’



/ˈwɔrm daʊn/