Definition of warm-bloodedness in US English:



  • See warm-blooded

    • ‘But because it is almost impossible to determine the history of a biological process, we may never know the role of the mitochondrion in the evolution of warm-bloodedness.’
    • ‘While it is true that cold-bloodedness in extant animals today is associated with a three-chambered heart, it is by no means therefore certain that a four-chambered heart has to mean warm-bloodedness.’
    • ‘Examples would be sophisticated vocalizations, vision, echolocation, viviparity, warm-bloodedness, sexual dimorphism, division of labor (even agriculture!’
    • ‘By 1978, Archaeopteryx was said to support ‘two theories: warm-bloodedness in dinosaurs and dinosaurian ancestry of birds ’.’
    • ‘The idea that metabolic rates changed over time in this group of animals brings two basic questions to mind: First, why might an animal lineage adopt the strategy of warm-bloodedness, given its steep energy costs?’