Definition of wardrobe trunk in US English:

wardrobe trunk


North American
  • A trunk fitted with rails and shelves for use as a traveling wardrobe.

    • ‘It's a marriage of a small and simple wardrobe trunk with the modern footlocker or suitcase.’
    • ‘Instrument and wardrobe trunks, usually found in various nooks and hallways in tour venues, were scattered along arched walkways between cobblestone and gravel courtyards.’
    • ‘They would ship big wardrobe trunks by boat or truck, and the trunks were then placed in the oversized closets at the hotel, where they would stand open for use.’
    • ‘This is an authentic Louis Vuitton antique wardrobe trunk dating back to the early 1900's.’
    • ‘Now there's a lightweight solution for those heavy wardrobe trunks and light kit cases, most any case you need for your production can be made with our Ultralite material, to your size and specification.’
    • ‘For the professional or serious rider, tack, saddle, or wardrobe trunks may prove to be a necessity.’
    • ‘The kit include boxes and hardware required to make a bleuette wardrobe trunk.’
    • ‘The company produces a wide assortment of soft and rigid wardrobe trunks of different shape and size.’
    • ‘Among the selection of Louis Vuitton trunks were two handsome wardrobe trunks that sold for $3,900 each.’
    • ‘Shown in 1825 Philadelphia City Directory Overland Trunk Co Maker of wardrobe trunks in New York City 1920s’
    • ‘The steamer bag that was launched in 1901 and designed to be a washing bag to go inside wardrobe trunks, eventually became one of the most synonymous lines ever created by Vuitton.’
    • ‘Our instruments and our wardrobe trunks are on the truck.’
    • ‘Steamer trunks can be stowed under the bed in the stateroom while wardrobe trunks are usually sent down to the ship's Baggage Room after the passenger has unpacked.’
    • ‘This custom designed wardrobe trunk features hangers, drawers that really open and an intricately patterned vase holding a bouquet of roses.’
    • ‘IT is a beautiful wardrobe trunk with original drawers, hangers, clothes bag and briefcase.’
    • ‘A Louis Vuitton wardrobe trunk would typically sell for much more due to the famous name.’
    • ‘Marvel at the wardrobe trunk that belonged to the famous whiteface clown, Punch.’
    • ‘Most wardrobe trunks were made in the 1920s and 1930s, however some exampled date nearer to the turn of the century.’
    • ‘Into the chain store field last week went Innovation Trunk Co. of Manhattan, makers of wardrobe trunks.’
    • ‘The family saves some of its household possessions in their wardrobe trunk, deposited in the checked baggage office of a shipping company.’


wardrobe trunk

/ˈwôrˌdrōb trəNGk/