Definition of warblog in US English:



  • A weblog dealing with a war, or written by an active participant in or witness to warfare.

    • ‘The problem is that he's not actually saying anything, just repeating things that he's heard on various warblogs and hoping that everyone will just see the truth therein.’
    • ‘The word "logistan" might refer specifically to the opinionated political weblogs known as warblogs.’
    • ‘Andrew Sullivan and Roger Simon believes these were conscious attacks on warblogs.’
    • ‘I'm getting so many new links from so many places, and I think people often expect a warblog, or at least a blogblog.’
    • ‘There is more to this sphere than just warblogs or newsblogs.’
    • ‘Kelley's Agonist is only one of many warblogs that suck in reports from around the world and give a constantly updated log of the conflict's arc.’
    • ‘Jeff Jarvis takes another navel gaze at the warblogs, and comes up with some fine lint.’
    • ‘On March 21, after an absence of a few days, Sites posted a message titled ‘Pausing the warblog, for now’ in which he informed his audience, ‘I've been asked to suspend my war blogging for awhile.’’
    • ‘I read a lot of warblogs and I have not seen even one statement that was remotely accurate.’
    • ‘We discussed warblogging as the latest Internet phenomenon.’
    • ‘But the warblogs are a lot like my recollections of sitting with friends in the common room in college and reading the LA Times.’
    • ‘Out of the ‘10 most recently published blogs’ on right now, none are tech blogs or warblogs.’
    • ‘From warblogs to personal diaries, genre comes out of story, out of content, and is not imposed upon it by form or format.’
    • ‘‘One thing that is rocket hot is the rise of the warblogs,’ Dyer said.’
    • ‘I was having a rant about extremists, having found my first warblog.’
    • ‘Partly political humor, it was part warblog, part news and blog links, part geopolitics, and part bellowing rant.’
    • ‘Andrew Steven has an interesting summary of Mr. Gilligan's postings on the BBC warblog.’
    • ‘There were other warblogs, ranging from BBC correspondents, American supporters of the war, and soldiers.’
    • ‘The BBC's Reporters' Log, a kind of centralised, official Beeb warblog, which was very useful as a resource and an interesting sign of the relevance of a blog-style approach, has now been closed.’
    • ‘If the warblogs are a frontline, let's at least be honest - we're not even a tertiary front.’