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war game


  • 1A military exercise carried out to test or improve tactical expertise.

    • ‘There are two components to a war game: field exercises and command post exercises.’
    • ‘That's because Fidel Castro's government is telling the Cuban people that the war games are intended to deter what could be an imminent U.S. invasion of the island.’
    • ‘At that time, the Central Command had what they called an exercise, a war game, called ‘Internal Luck.’’
    • ‘They called for a halt to the war game to invade the North, including the Stryker Brigade Combat Team's drill in South Korea, and signing of a nonaggression treaty with the North.’
    • ‘Helicopters rumbled overhead and gunfire crackled as a military unit engaged in a war game under the gaze of a crowd dotted with military uniforms.’
    • ‘These tactics have been a routine ingredient of every major Army war game for the past five years.’
    • ‘In 1984, I participated in a war game featuring a Cessna rigged with a tiny nuke and flown by a suicide pilot.’
    • ‘During the war game, the S - 1 should brief casualty estimates and you should brief the medical concept of support for these estimates by phase.’
    • ‘The most recent US command-and-control exercise, conducted last month, was a war game simulating a US invasion of Iran in 2007.’
    • ‘The newspaper also said a large-scale joint-force war game will be conducted in the ‘near future’ following training that has lasted almost two months.’
    • ‘Also joining the war games are ships and personnel from Canada, Holland, Germany, Peru, Norway, Italy, Denmark, France and Australia.’
    • ‘Japan's army and US Marines will conduct joint war games early next year simulating the retaking of an isolated island captured by an enemy - the first exercise of its kind by the two militaries, a news report said yesterday.’
    • ‘Even now, Gardiner said after the war game, the military sees post-conflict operations as peripheral to its duties.’
    • ‘Several senior officers attended war game training recently aimed at improving logistical concepts and improving capability development.’
    • ‘Central Command held a major war game Oct.4 and 5 to test Gen. Franks' plan.’
    • ‘Members from all branches of the Army participated in a week-long war game to help dictate the future of the Signal Corps.’
    • ‘North Korea says the situation is deteriorating and nearing the brink of nuclear conflict, with the US and South Korea exercising war games in the area.’
    • ‘THE US spent £165 million on the biggest war game in military history earlier this month.’
    • ‘A rare war game will be held next month simulating a terrorist attack on Taipei, officials said yesterday.’
    • ‘The war game identified the direct linkages between raw material sources, production capacity and the employment and sustainment of combat systems.’
    training exercises, exercises, war games, operations
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    1. 1.1 A simulated military conflict carried out as a game, leisure activity, or exercise in personal development.
      • ‘Desai said games could cover a wide range of possibilities from role playing and adventure to simulation, sports, war games and ‘edutainment’ that blends learning and playing.’
      • ‘Soldiers of Liberty combines the depth of a squad based game with the intensity of an action-packed war game that unfolds in the streets, subways, and buildings of the city.’
      • ‘Using a newly built electronic command post, Franks and his thousand-strong team of US and British staff officers will fight a sophisticated electronic war game which will simulate a campaign against Iraq.’
      • ‘The main activities of Magic Mon are computer gaming, card games, board games and war games.’
      • ‘It was a war game based on the American Civil War.’
      • ‘There are a handful of games for children, a seemingly endless series of rehashes of Victorian parlor games, war games, and that's it.’
      • ‘This last group of lots consisted of war games and European-style board games.’
      • ‘This game is played like the traditional war game.’
      • ‘Battle of Britain is a war game for the personal computer from noted designer Gary Grigsby.’
      • ‘Despite its faults, it provides the best mix of playability and serious simulation yet seen in a computer war game.’
      • ‘Have you seen the ads for the latest batch of simulated war games?’
      • ‘I like flight simulators and mission-based war games.’
      • ‘After spending a couple of months with WarBirds III, I can definitely see the appeal in this multi-player online war game.’
      • ‘Actually, it took the combination of squad based elements and first person shooting to innovate the war game with last year's award winning Call of Duty.’
      • ‘Today there is a much more diversified selection of games available, from war games to Eurogames.’
      • ‘The new group took part in paintball war games, held at a remote bush property two hours drive south of Perth.’
      • ‘Ultimately it is the American audience that today's war games are developed for, so the ‘gung-ho’ attitude you object to is sadly nothing new.’
      • ‘Every year our games club has an auction, most of which are war games.’
      • ‘Others, particularly fans of war games, see games as a simulation, a way to reproduce reality.’
      • ‘They are also organising a paintball war game for deaf and hearing members.’


[WITH OBJECT]war-game
North American
  • Engage in (a campaign or course of action) using the strategies of a war game.

    ‘there seemed to be no point war-gaming an election 15 months away’
    • ‘They then must war-game different scenarios to ensure that the goal is realistic and that it has a 10-percent overage of all stocks to compensate for any deficiencies in planning.’
    • ‘In 1994, James F. Dunnigan and I war-gamed several Indo-Pakistan war scenarios for a commercial project.’
    • ‘His campaign consultants had certainly war-gamed and story-conferenced the issue to death.’
    • ‘Military strategists use models to simulate the course of battles and wars under various scenarios; indeed, the Iraq War was war-gamed long before the fighting began.’
    • ‘No team was assigned to diligently unearth the plan's shortfalls or over-sights - or to thoroughly war-game the various courses of action while planners considered and developed them.’
    • ‘The enemy we're fighting is different from the one we'd war-gamed against.’
    • ‘The Army has war-gamed the forward-basing problem.’


war game

/ˈwôr ˌɡām//ˈwɔr ˌɡeɪm/