Definition of war dialing in US English:

war dialing


  • See war dialer

    • ‘In that film, war dialing is the act of using a modem attached to a computer to dial an entire exchange of phone numbers to locate any computers with modems attached to them.’
    • ‘Another simple security measure against war dialing is configuring the modem to let it ring for 5 times or more before answering, as the tools used for war dialing usually move on to the next number before that.’
    • ‘However, throughout the underground Internet war driving, formerly known as war dialing, seems to be of real concern to many wireless network users.’
    • ‘I believe they actually were derived from the term ‘war dialing’, the process of sequentially dialing a range of phone numbers in search of a modem connect tone.’
    • ‘Back in the modem days, connection-hungry nerds with time on their hands engaged in war dialing.’