Definition of war dialer in US English:

war dialer


  • A program used to find phone numbers that connect to a modem, often used by someone seeking to access the computers of others without permission.

    • ‘The practice of random dialing to determine if a number is a fax number is against federal regulations and we demanded these war dialers be pulled and put out of commission.’
    • ‘The war dialer will wait for dialtone and begin with the next call.’
    • ‘They are also never recorded as modem answered calls by war dialers or other monitoring systems.’
    • ‘Using ‘war dialers,’ Ambersail specializes in tracking down rogue modems, counting some of the world's largest companies and financial institutions among its clients.’
    • ‘Cyberthieves and terrorists have a number of dangerous tools at their fingertips, such as port scanners, information sniffers, and war dialers, all of which exploit weaknesses in network architectures.’
    • ‘By dialing all numbers within the targeted range, the war dialer identifies which numbers are for computer modems and determines certain characteristics of those modems.’
    • ‘The war dialers are programmed to randomly dial the numbers of the phones assembled on the stage.’
    • ‘Land-based war dialers can find unapproved modems in your networks… War Driving does the same thing to identify rogue network connections.’
    • ‘The piece is based on an eight channel recording of a set of war dialers cycling through a random sets of numbers.’