Definition of war crime in US English:

war crime


  • An action carried out during the conduct of a war that violates accepted international rules of war.

    • ‘A soldier from Bolton will face a court martial after being charged with a war crime while serving in Iraq.’
    • ‘Concessions, perhaps, to the observance of international laws that make the policy the newspaper advocates a war crime.’
    • ‘Chomsky's interpretation of this was that Huntington was advocating saturation bombing which was a war crime under Nuremberg principles.’
    • ‘It is the kind of war that the Nuremberg tribunal deemed the principal war crime carried out by the Nazis.’
    • ‘The latter is a war crime under the Nuremberg precedent, as the editors of the Post, implicated in this process, are entirely aware.’
    • ‘The memo noted violation of that portion of the treaty could constitute a war crime and officials should proceed carefully, the Post said.’
    • ‘During the Rwanda genocide, rape as a war crime received extensive international media coverage.’
    • ‘He and two others also face charges of inhumanely treating prisoners - a war crime under the Geneva Conventions.’
    • ‘But if there is a pattern of crimes against humanity, it becomes a war crime.’
    • ‘Indeed, it appears a war crime could be single murder or rape of a civilian by a soldier.’
    • ‘Using far greater firepower than your enemy is not considered a war crime.’
    • ‘How many of these incidents, and how many civilian deaths, does it take in Afghanistan to constitute a war crime?’
    • ‘International law defines this type of action as a war crime under the Geneva conventions.’
    • ‘The use of nuclear weapons in a preemptive attack would seem to fall squarely within the definition of a war crime.’
    • ‘The use of cluster bombs in these rural areas is, surely, a war crime.’
    • ‘Targeting civilians is clearly terrorism and constitutes a war crime.’
    • ‘It is a practice that was outlawed as a war crime by the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.’
    • ‘Perfidy is a war crime, and it tempts combatants because perfidious military acts provide them with an advantage.’
    • ‘The sex slave system of the Japanese army has already been branded a brutal war crime on the international level.’
    • ‘Rape has now been recognised as a war crime with its inclusion in the Geneva Convention against War Crimes.’


war crime

/ˈwɔr ˌkraɪm/