Definition of war clouds in US English:

war clouds


  • A threatening situation of instability in international relations.

    ‘the war clouds were looming’
    • ‘While the inter-Korean contacts are turning into political stunts, the war clouds are thickening over the Korean Peninsula.’
    • ‘As the war clouds over India and Pakistan begin to drift away, we can perhaps afford the luxury of turning our attention to less life-threatening issues.’
    • ‘As war clouds gather in the hellish heat of summer, and the Kashmir tragedy continues to unfold, it is worth pondering the state of affairs we find ourselves in.’
    • ‘Whenever war clouds hang over any part of the world, inter-religious prayers are conducted here by a committed group of Gandhians.’
    • ‘What was going through your mind as you saw war clouds develop?’
    • ‘The war clouds began moving away the past week, so we can breathe a little easily.’
    • ‘Moreover, they gave the impression that they were not serious in making the yagna a success when there were war clouds on the borders with Pakistan.’
    • ‘We had said war clouds were hovering, but sometimes lightning strikes even if the weather is clear.’
    • ‘She had been born in Germany and was attending a German School in Prague when war clouds began to gather.’
    • ‘It looks like just as monsoon clouds gather, the war clouds are dispersing.’


war clouds

/ˈwôr ˌkloudz/