Definition of war bride in US English:

war bride


  • A woman who marries a man whom she met while he was on active service.

    • ‘The protagonist, Nasarian, is a woman born to a Samburu man by his Somali war bride - his fourth wife - in contemporary Kenya.’
    • ‘I feel sorry for the old veterans who came with war brides and grandchildren to make their pilgrimage to the monument's opening this Memorial Day weekend.’
    • ‘Most of Alex's friend's mothers were war brides from Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Phillipines, England, China, France, Australia and damned near everywhere else.’
    • ‘An Italian heritage is important, although my mum was an English war bride so I'm probably one of the least Italian-American people on the show.’
    • ‘Normal family life for most Chinese Americans did not begin until after World War II, when several thousand war brides were brought in by Chinese American GIs.’
    • ‘Part social and part scientific, the courses were especially important for bringing together war brides about to leave for a foreign country.’
    • ‘His mother, a war bride from France who seems doubly damned as a European smoker and adulteress, leaves home to land another rich husband.’
    • ‘One of my favorite episodes is ‘The Americanization of Machiko,’ about a Japanese war bride who is openly looked down on by a small-town society.’
    • ‘Foul-mouthed Jessie is a Polish war bride who came to America after the Second World War.’
    • ‘Tosh, whose mother was a war bride, is currently working on an exhibit about that very phenomenon.’
    • ‘There must have been in the war bride, I think, a sense of adventure to meet and marry a Canadian soldier and leave home to a future that they would not be certain of.’
    • ‘His mother, Jacqueline, grew up in Paris during the Nazi occupation and returned to the USA as a war bride in 1945, married to Lou Stone, who became a prominent stock - broker.’
    • ‘The reader was a York war bride who had been closely following the reports of strange happenings at the museum in copies of the Yorkshire Evening Press sent to her by her mother.’
    • ‘This post-World War II immigration wave was made up almost entirely of war brides of American servicemen stationed in Iceland.’
    • ‘Like many of his generation, he had returned from overseas to start a family with his war bride.’
    • ‘In this group was a large contingent of war brides who came between 1945 and 1948.’
    • ‘Were you an Australian war bride on board HMS Victorious in 1946?’
    • ‘La Barre also discusses ‘cultural shock,’ such as that sometimes experienced by war brides brought back to America.’
    • ‘Smith, the son of a war bride whose marriage to a Canadian paratrooper lasted only two years, was brought up on an estate in Acton, west London.’
    • ‘Your piece about returning war brides took me back to Colombo, in what was then Ceylon, in July 1946.’