Definition of walls have ears in US English:

walls have ears


  • Be careful what you say as people may be eavesdropping.

    • ‘If, as the saying goes, ‘the walls have ears,’ then furnishings speak volumes.’
    • ‘Every time I hear the Hindi version of ‘The walls have ears,’ I get a hilarious mental picture of a wall covered with ears, all listening intently to something they aren't meant to hear.’
    • ‘Not so loud now, these walls have ears you know.’
    • ‘These walls have ears and your words could easily cost you your life.’
    • ‘‘The walls have ears here,’ he says, soon after we enter the coffee shop, ushering me away from the disinterested-looking patrons in search of more private surroundings.’
    • ‘In my home, the ceilings have eyes, and the walls have ears.’
    • ‘There's nothing wrong with that per se but you have to be careful what you say because the walls have ears.’
    • ‘You have been raised at court and you should well know that walls have ears.’
    • ‘While a North American might say, ‘Be quiet, the walls have ears,’ a Salvadoran would warn, ‘There are parrots in the field.’’
    • ‘In America, the damn walls have ears and the sky has eyes.’