Definition of wallboard in US English:



North American
  • 1A type of board made from wood pulp, plaster, or other material, used for covering walls and ceilings.

    ‘install waterproof wallboard around a shower’
    • ‘The two most common interior wall surfaces are gypsum wallboard, usually referred to as drywall or gyp board, and plaster.’
    • ‘Any material that meets these requirements may be used as an air barrier, including metal, plywood, gypsum wallboard, and a number of different types of waterproofing and flashing membranes.’
    • ‘Use latex sealers for masonry, patching compound and wallboard; alkyd sealers are best for wood.’
    • ‘Fasten the corners of the gypsum lath or wallboard to the existing lath behind the plaster.’
    • ‘Steel products caused the most damage but prices for lumber, plywood, gypsum wallboard, copper, stainless steel, pipe and fuel are all joining in to pummel contractors.’
    • ‘Drywall, often called gypsum, wallboard or sheetrock, is made of a crumbly fire resistant substance called gypsum.’
    • ‘If they're really bad, it is possible to glue and screw new wallboard over the existing walls or ceiling.’
    • ‘Cut through wallboard (gypsum board) with either a keyhole or reciprocating saw.’
    • ‘However, of these, only gypsum wallboard and asphalt paving report price gains in the double digits.’
    • ‘This anchor is designed for use in wallboard, plaster, or other hollow walls, such as tiled wallboard.’
    • ‘The resulting rush to build pushed up prices for structural panels, lumber, wallboard and other materials.’
    • ‘This method uses wallboard which is the same thickness as the wall.’
    • ‘All building materials, including the wood studs within your walls and the gypsum wallboard, can hold a certain amount of moisture and still do their job properly.’
    • ‘The repair procedures differ depending on whether it is an older wall with lath and plaster, or a newer wall using gypsum wallboard (drywall).’
    • ‘Dust and construction materials, such as wood, wallboard, and insulation, contain nutrients that allow biological pollutants to grow.’
    • ‘Structural steel, reinforcing bar, lumber, plywood, gypsum wallboard, plastic pipe and stainless steel sheet were only some of the products experiencing declining price levels this year.’
    • ‘Others project a brilliant vertical plumb line on walls and posts, or an exactly located spot on the ceiling, permitting perfectly aligned walls, wallboard, and plumbing.’
    • ‘Cement wallboard is used mostly when tiling a wall, and is usually not necessary for tiling tubs or sinks since they are supported with plywood.’
    • ‘If you have gypsum wallboard, avoid pressing too hard or you will cut through its paper facing.’
    • ‘When using the nail-on and adhesive method, use three nails across each wallboard at each joist.’
    1. 1.1 A piece of wallboard.
      ‘they have chosen wallboards and ceiling sheets in lieu of wood’
      • ‘The wallboard was not textured, but the remaining walls in the area were.’
      • ‘Too eager to be respectful, he knocked more and more forcefully, shaking the brittle wallboards and splintering a few pieces of the flimsy sun-baked wood.’
      • ‘Volunteers from Lafarge set the Styrofoam blocks to form the exterior walls, and the company donated all the gypsum wallboard used in the home's interior.’