Definition of wall plate in US English:

wall plate


  • A piece of lumber laid horizontally in or on a wall as a support for a girder, rafter, or joist.

    • ‘Pull the wires through the opening of the new programmable thermostat wall plate and fasten the wires into place with the color-coded screws provided.’
    • ‘Thieves broke into the home of Ross and Jill Wheeler in the early hours of July 8 stealing antique silver, a canteen of cutlery set in a mahogany box, 13 wall plates and their Peugeot 307 car.’
    • ‘All the roof timbers have been retained in the church except where a rafter of wall plate was absolutely rotten.’
    • ‘In this version the bottom of both the high and low joists bear directly on the wall plates.’
    • ‘The structural system for these volumes, seemingly stacked at random, is a 100-foot tall, three-dimensional frame containing six faced boxes that are shaped by a composition of floor and wall plates.’
    • ‘The cables terminate in wall plates, and the plates have a variety of connection points in them that allow you to simply plug things in.’
    • ‘The wall plate top cap is fitted last, meaning the fitter has to climb over the roof to fit it.’
    • ‘The lead was dressed over the top of the fascia boards and, on the inside, it was dressed over the wall plate and the lower part of each rafter.’
    • ‘The same is true for smaller baseboards and ceiling moldings, which are nailed into the top and bottom wall plates rather than into the studs.’
    • ‘Use construction adhesive rather than nails or screws to adhere your bottom wall plate to the floor.’
    • ‘Around the tourmalines were a dozen more wall plates, including a fine quartz cluster weighing nearly 100 kilograms.’
    • ‘The keypads feature a wall plate which can be customised with engraving and a particular finish to match a specific decor.’
    • ‘The five-bay hammerbeam roof, resting on an embattled and moulded wall plate, has cambered collars, angels, and armorial bosses.’
    • ‘Joists twenty-two feet long, counting the overhang for the cornice, three and one-half inches wide and just six inches deep are notched into the outside wall plate on approximately twelve-inch centers.’
    • ‘The wall plate supporting the ground floor structure was not isolated from the damp walls and was, itself, damp.’
    • ‘The company specializes in the design and production of vintage European outdoor lighting, as well as accessories like mailboxes, wall plates, and bollards.’