Definition of wall of honor in US English:

wall of honor


  • A wall on which are inscribed the names of individuals whose acts or achievements are deemed praiseworthy.

    • ‘Donors who contributed to the campaign to save Tacoma's Union Station in the early 1990s might finally get their wall of honor - but in a place where it won't block the views along Pacific Avenue.’
    • ‘Many other FISD schools are following Smith Elementary School's example, decorating walls of honor and having special ceremonies to teach student's the importance of honoring those who have protected our country.’
    • ‘From feelings journals to bulletin board displays, walls of honor to patriotic acts in the community, ‘Dealing with Deployment’ provides a wealth of sample lesson plans, as well as pre- and post-tests.’
    • ‘The park also features granite walls of honor listing major aviation contributors in the Akron-Canton area.’
    • ‘A incomplete list of names, one that would create most halls of fame or walls of honor green with envy, does not do justice to the roll call of names that make up the history of the Brooks-Irvine Club.’
    • ‘As we enter the Foyer you will find to the right and left my walls of honor and inspiration respectively.’
    • ‘Some lingered at the walls of honor searching for names of fallen comrades whilst others stood in silence and in somber mood.’
    • ‘‘We're here to build walls of honor,’ he continued.’
    • ‘Their names and actions span the centuries and are recorded in battlefields, walls of honor, monuments and the pages of our nation's military history.’
    • ‘The Department of Physics walls of honor have been installed in the atrium of the Physics Research Building.’
    • ‘They create trophy cases and walls of honor to display awards and hold special assemblies where eager community leaders and elected officials can be photographed shaking hands with high-achieving students.’
    • ‘Special plaques and walls of honor throughout the Museum grounds honoring donors, groups of donors, and involved individuals.’
    • ‘It is our goal for this wall of honor to include the people from all over the world who worked behind the scenes in the transportation industry to assure service and safety as well as those whose jobs were more visible to the public.’