Definition of walking frame in US English:

walking frame


  • A frame used by disabled or infirm people for support while walking, typically made of metal tubing with rubber feet; a walker.

    • ‘Patients with severe leg weakness may need sticks, crutches, or a walking frame.’
    • ‘To those walking past his room he was like any other frail old man teetering at his walking frame like a branch swaying in a cruel breeze.’
    • ‘Three of the residents require wheelchairs and another three can only get about using walking frames.’
    • ‘These days Fancourt must rely on a walking frame to get around.’
    • ‘In recent days the teenager has managed to take a few steps, helped by a dedicated team of physiotherapists and supported by walking frames.’
    • ‘One child who requires the use of a walking frame is unable to bring it to school because there is no space.’
    • ‘The new building will give the school more space, which Miss Laxton said will be useful for storing the wheelchairs, walking frames and standing frames that are currently lining the corridors.’
    • ‘Last December, at 102, Alec still used a walking frame while unveiling an Anzac memorial stone at Hobart's Anglesea Barracks.’
    • ‘He spent 13 days in hospital, then staggered out on a walking frame.’
    • ‘It is believed the woman lived alone, was blind and walked with difficulty with the aid of a walking frame.’
    • ‘The NHS (free of charge) will provide aids to mobility such as wheel chairs and walking frames;’
    • ‘He and his wife, who could only walk with the aid of a walking frame, had lived in the village for more than 20 years.’
    • ‘There are both round and square tables with excellent access for wheelchairs and walking frames.’
    • ‘Claire Martin's four-year-old son Cameron, who goes to Bishopthorpe Primary School, needs to walk with a special walking frame.’
    • ‘In the end he was helped on to his motorised walking frame, waved, and disappeared from view.’
    • ‘Among this despair a frail, elderly man, uses a walking frame to move from the front door of his neat home onto a street littered with smashed glass, bricks and other debris.’
    • ‘You would learn to use a walking frame with the same neurones with which 80 or so years ago you learned to walk.’
    • ‘Mr Barry was 82 years old, chronically sick, partially sighted and after fracturing his hip was able to get around only with a walking frame.’
    • ‘Mum Claire had taken him to McDonald's at Clifton Moor, York, to help him gain confidence with the walking frame he needs to get about.’
    • ‘She returned for this day, in her nineties, bravely inspecting the guard in her wheeled walking frame - a little infirm perhaps, but determined to do honour to her boat.’


walking frame

/ˈwôkiNG ˌfrām/