Definition of Waldensian in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See Waldenses

    • ‘During the persecution of Protestants by the Habsburg dynasty in the seventeenth century, the Moravians, who had converted many German Waldensians living in Moravia, emigrated to Saxony.’
    • ‘Jan Milic Lochman's contribution to David Willis and Michael Welker's book emphasizes the history of radical reform among Waldensians, Hussites and Czech Brethren.’
    • ‘The Waldensian church began during a religious revival near Lyon, France during the twelfth century, predating the Protestant Reformation that swept through Europe in the sixteenth century.’
    • ‘He could paint such a picture because the success of popular heretical and evangelical movements, such as the Waldensians and Albigensians, was positively explosive.’
    • ‘Not only the Protestant British enthusiasts for Italy but their Waldensian friends and allies were drawn into the maelstrom.’