Definition of wakeful in English:



  • 1(of a person) unable or not needing to sleep.

    ‘he had been wakeful all night’
    • ‘She told me that when she was lying wakeful and anxious in bed at night, she used to imagine my house and my brother's house, both hundreds of miles away, out of Ireland, across the sea.’
    • ‘Before long the sense of foreboding was back like a rat in his belly, and he lay weary and wakeful into the early hours of the dawn.’
    • ‘Some babies manage five or six-hour stretches of sleep at night by three to four months, but many do not, and others may even be more wakeful than when they were younger.’
    • ‘Our children are presumably as wakeful as any other children at any time in history.’
    • ‘While Sancho falls quickly to sleep, Don Quijote remains wakeful and restless.’
    • ‘At night he lay in bed beside his wife also wakeful, also silent, her back to him in the dark - and went over it in his mind.’
    • ‘It seems like yesterday that he was the wakeful baby who nursed incessantly and rarely slept through the night.’
    • ‘I lay wakeful that night, going over and over every detail in my head.’
    • ‘Anna sat in the seat next to Izumi, her mind wakeful and restless.’
    unsleeping, awake, restless, restive, tossing and turning, without sleep, wide awake, insomniac
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    1. 1.1 Alert and vigilant.
      • ‘If your baby's wakeful and alert, try a gentle dance together.’
      • ‘After that initial euphoria, heroin causes an alternately wakeful and drowsy state.’
      • ‘Many dreams are just never recalled in a wakeful state.’
      • ‘This emphasis on, and elaboration of, wakeful and energetic introspection constituted the Buddha's unique contribution to meditative technology.’
      • ‘But in light of recent world events, they also seem compassionate and designed to make us more wakeful, so that we can find a sane and direct way to work with fear.’
      • ‘Applying specificity to where you put your hands and feet creates a wakeful mental attitude.’
      • ‘Splashing around in the shallows of unconsciousness, a noise drags me back to a more wakeful state.’
      • ‘Neurologists have explained repeatedly that, unlike a patient in a coma, the victim of a persistent vegetative state is wakeful, with eyes open and moving randomly.’
    2. 1.2 (of a period of time) passed with little or no sleep.
      ‘wakeful nights’
      • ‘Fortunately for us, this wakeful time has been largely during the day, and we've had very few ‘horror’ nights.’
      • ‘I've been spending many wakeful nights during the past couple of weeks thinking about my blessings versus my challenges.’
      • ‘One can read several wakeful nights recorded in her face.’
      • ‘I used to have long wakeful periods at night, thinking ridiculous things.’
      • ‘Both of us knew that having to endure a few months of wakeful nights goes with the territory, and also that these months pass quickly as the child learns to sleep the whole night through.’
      • ‘Days are a bit more wakeful, though he's taken to having a long late morning sleep from around 9.30-10 am that can last for up to 3 hours.’
      • ‘It had been a late and wakeful night for the two of them, talking and smoking and drinking in El's room.’