Definition of wake-up in English:



  • An instance of a person waking up or being woken up.

    • ‘Perhaps it's because I set the alarm slightly later so the wake-up was easier.’
    • ‘Normally, it is the wake-up time for all off-duty personnel.’
    • ‘I hope this tragic case can send out a wake-up message to all those people who make this kind of idiotic call.’
    • ‘Our body clock responds to an imitation sunrise by accelerating the wake-up processes.’
    • ‘I made myself a strong wake-up coffee, and called them.’
    • ‘If you don't eat a wake-up meal, make some adjustments in your breakfast.’
    • ‘In addition to getting your room info, you can choose a wake-up time and even arrange for the hotel's airport shuttle service to pick you up at the airport.’
    • ‘But Citroën is realistic about being the first with a wake-up device, and as it costs £300 extra, the company doesn't expect to sell many.’
    • ‘One turn and there's the instant wake-up water cascading from the shower head.’
    • ‘Like a wake-up from amnesia, a life spread out before me.’
    • ‘I retain injuries a little longer, I notice things changing - and that's a real wake-up - I feel something knocking at me every day.’
    • ‘We were getting ready to go to bed about 8:00 at night because it was a 2:00 in the morning wake-up.’
    • ‘I think the camera should be up front, integrated with intelligence and trained on the driver so it could activate a wake-up alarm when it sensed ‘nod off.’’
    • ‘I have managed to get put on early shifts at work permanently so I finally have a regular wake-up time of 7.15 am.’
    • ‘This wake-up ceremony is carried out every day of every year regardless of the weather.’
    • ‘I picked him up, gave him a wake-up cuddle, and plonked him down in front of his breakfast dish, still half-full with perfectly good food.’
    • ‘John Downing asks if Fianna Fail have been sent a wake-up message by voters.’
    • ‘I get out of bed at the usual time, though my body aches protest at the before-dawn wake-up.’
    • ‘A handwritten note requesting a desired wake-up time was placed on the kitchen table.’
    • ‘If I wished anything from this catastrophe, it would be that it became a wake-up to that great nation to review the social welfare, education and health systems so that the poor were not left so helpless.’
    revitalize, energize, refresh, revive, vivify, brace, rejuvenate, enliven, liven up, perk up, wake up, animate, galvanize, electrify, stimulate, motivate, rouse, exhilarate, excite
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