Definition of waitressing in English:



  • The action or occupation of working as a waitress.

    • ‘Since then, she's done everything from teaching sign language to waitressing, all while looking for another girl group or record deal.’
    • ‘She went through the classic American rites of passage - working at McDonalds during high school and bartending and waitressing while starting her acting career.’
    • ‘It afforded me a totally different lifestyle, going from baby-sitting and waitressing to travelling around the world singing songs.’
    • ‘Most of these women believed they were coming to Britain for waitressing or service-industry jobs.’
    • ‘After putting out a couple of unspectacular albums, she spent much of the 1980s waitressing and working in a record store.’
    • ‘Regardless of whether she enjoyed the menial work of typing or selling or waitressing or clerking, she at least had freedom of movement to a degree.’
    • ‘It was a family affair, with their son, Oliver, helping Lew in the kitchen, and daughter, Vicky, waitressing.’
    • ‘Having whiled away her twenties travelling, painting houses in Canada and waitressing in New York, Borland eventually struck gold, by ‘hanging out’ on a film set and simply waiting for the director to call action.’
    • ‘But girls are more likely to take work which may not be exactly what they want - such as waitressing - so they can afford to move out.’
    • ‘But I found it too hard to concentrate on a fledgling career as I was in a difficult relationship at the time, so I ended up just drifting around waitressing.’
    • ‘I'm a full-time employee at a fairly public company here in Steinbach, and on my weekends, I enjoy waitressing at a local restaurant.’
    • ‘Is she really a ‘waitress turned singer,’ or was she a singer all along and waitressing to make ends meet like untold millions before her?’
    • ‘Carol Connelly is a player in his pattern - she works waitressing at a downtown cafe that Melvin frequents for lunch every day at 11 am.’
    • ‘But I'm not about to pack up and go waitressing in LA.’
    • ‘Otherwise, Nick has said that if she's still missing waitressing that much in a few months he'll buy her her own restaurant.’
    • ‘Most people I know did laboring or fruit picking or waitressing.’
    • ‘Other summer jobs included waitressing, a few summers in a jeweller's shop, and finally, a barperson.’
    • ‘There are various activities that you do that may strain your wrist: waitressing, using a computer, playing racketball.’
    • ‘But before that 14-year-old Brenda Clarkson, from Doncaster, fell in love with the place while waitressing in a nearby hotel.’
    • ‘I have come along in the middle of the backward and forward discussion on waitressing and the hospitality industry in St Lucia.’
    waiting, waiting at table, serving of food and drink, attendance, serving
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