Definition of waistline in English:



  • 1An imaginary line around a person's body at the waist, especially with respect to its size.

    ‘eliminating inches from the waistline’
    • ‘It's quite clear to me that television plays a significant role in our expanding waistlines (especially for children).’
    • ‘Simply enter your weight and waistline measurements, the body shaper's built-in microprocessor will then automatically calculate and accumulate the burnt out calories.’
    • ‘When dieting, a person adopts certain procedures to reduce body flab and improve the waistline.’
    • ‘ICS workers will be offering information leaflets tailored to men's cancers while visitors can also get weighed and have their waistlines measured.’
    • ‘Six months after the procedure, these patients had an average weight loss of 5 pounds and a 3-inch decrease in the waistline.’
    • ‘How can utopians dream of changing the world when it is so difficult to lose an inch off one's waistline?’
    • ‘Measuring around my non-existent waistline and…… hold on a minute, this can't be right.’
    • ‘It's an ideal option for the growing number of drinkers and clubbers who are keen to watch their waistlines.’
    • ‘For me, low-rise jeans are a godsend because they help lengthen my waistline and give the illusion of more balanced proportions.’
    • ‘Nutrition information on menus moves us one step closer to smaller waistlines and healthier hearts.’
    • ‘Keep track of your weight and your waistline, because improvements in weight or waist measurement can reduce your risk of getting diabetes.’
    • ‘Irish waistlines are expanding - half of the population is officially overweight and one in eight is obese, a 30% increase since 2000.’
    • ‘For this reason, body fat can be as important as body weight when you are trying to reduce your waistline or change your lifestyle.’
    • ‘You can have a lower cholesterol count, a lower percent of body fat, a smaller waistline, a lower heart rate.’
    • ‘The bottom of the pack should rest in the curve of the lower back and should not sit more than 4 inches below the waistline.’
    • ‘A well-fitting bra can make a real difference to your shape, lifting your bust away from your waistline and making your body look longer and slimmer.’
    • ‘Schlosser believes the damage wrought by fast food companies on America is even deeper than adding inches to the national waistline.’
    • ‘Those who received a 20-mg dose lost an average of 20 pounds and trimmed their waistlines by three inches in one year.’
    • ‘Show off your individual style in tailored jackets that trim inches off your waistline.’
    • ‘At the moment, the only noticeable effect the walking has had on my size is on my waistline (my stomach in particular seems just as large as ever).’
    1. 1.1 The shaping and position of the waist of a garment.
      • ‘Necklines are going down and waistlines going up!’
      • ‘Areas on a knit garment where you want to eliminate stretch include: armholes, shoulder seams, waistlines, necklines and zippers.’
      • ‘The trousers have an enormous waistline that is loose around him and rise up to his chest when he sits.’
      • ‘The asymmetrical pullover features a mandarin collar, a six button front opening and a buttoned window pocket, all above a raised waistline seam.’
      • ‘Dresses of printed chiffons and drop waistlines often with shoestring camisole style straps will feature strongly.’
      • ‘Ease the pants waistline slightly to fit the waistband.’
      • ‘A Basque waistline, or any drop-waist style that angles downward, will lengthen a short torso.’
      • ‘Pear shaped women tend to have bigger bottoms so choose garments that have easing at the waistline with soft pleats and gathers.’
      • ‘We love the tailored waistline and flared skirt.’
      • ‘Instead of darts, gently ease the waistline to the waistband for the most flattering fit.’
      • ‘Her baby blue tee stopped a few inches above the waistline of the jeans to reveal her slender back.’
      • ‘The middle tapered into a slim, V-shaped waistline, and the collar was the square-cut neckline that was currently the fashion.’
      • ‘The house is best known for coats, and this season they introduced a new style with the waist cut high and a fuller volume below waistlines.’
      • ‘A suit with gathered fabric across the waistline can create the illusion of an hourglass figure in a woman who would like to look curvier.’
      • ‘Remove the pattern pieces and staystitch the waistline and any curved seamlines.’
      • ‘What caught my eye first was that he was wearing a jacket with a waistline seam - not a full-blown Norfolk jacket, less obtrusive than that, but in that class.’
      • ‘Sew six to eight more buttons - evenly spaced - on the front waistline seam for added interest.’
      • ‘I have just bought a pair of jeans without a waistline.’
      • ‘Always remember to remove your belt from your slacks before hanging them; this will prevent the waistline from distorting.’
      • ‘The waistline seam at the center front may need to be lowered, tapering it back to normal at the side seam.’