Definition of wailingly in US English:



  • See wail

    • ‘They did this to me once before when they stopped making the colours of eye shadow that I had worn for 5 years - and when I wailingly told the shop girl this fact she said, ‘well its time for a change then isn't it?’’
    • ‘They were loud, wailingly loud, high pitched, moving up and down in a way that many people could not explain, sometimes going soft and then piercingly high and loud again.’
    • ‘It was winter again; and the winds blew harshly and wailingly around the Castle of Arundel.’
    • ‘Miss Adu's wailingly soulful side indicated more of Aretha Franklin buried in her than one might have suspected.’
    • ‘It should be pointed out here that Totti was wailingly remorseful about it all: so much so that he took refuge in the third person, never a good sign.’