Definition of wader in English:



  • 1A person or animal, especially a bird, that wades, in particular.

    • ‘The meadows are also important for breeding waders including redshank and curlew.’
    • ‘More than 30,000 overwintering seabirds and tens of thousands of waders were killed in the Arabian Gulf due to resulting oil spills.’
    • ‘Gerry then started talking about how great chest waders are as they allow you to get better access to some stretches of the river.’
    • ‘These biologically productive habitats, with their characteristic saltmarsh and mud-dwelling communities, are the wintering haunt of wildfowl and waders in tens of thousands.’
    • ‘Potentially many species can get infected but the mostly likely carriers are waterfowl, waders and gulls.’
    • ‘Some weeks back, there was a breathtaking fly past of black-tailed godwits, as hundreds of these Pinocchio beaked waders swirled and wheeled with perfect unison before settling.’
    • ‘It was low tide, so there were plenty of waders feeding on the muddy banks.’
    • ‘Fights between spotted sandpipers, a North American wader, can get especially nasty.’
    • ‘To the arctic waders, the sewage ponds are a haven where they can rest, feed and nest.’
    • ‘In addition to rare plants and wildflowers, you'll find hawks and ospreys lining the river and a host of waders along the shoreline.’
    • ‘My colleague, Jim and I hit Lake Law and A.E. Sea first, looking for waders and waterfowl.’
    • ‘These are of very high nature conservation importance as feeding and resting areas for internationally important populations migrant and over-wintering wildfowl and waders.’
    • ‘It was almost low-tide and there were a good number of waders and gulls feeding fairly close by.’
    • ‘This involves hosing down of all boats, skis, waders or other equipment to prevent them being transported from one lake to another.’
    • ‘The Hunter Bird Observers Club has been monitoring migratory waders for the last five years to understand how they use the estuary.’
    • ‘On the beach at Bolonia and out to sea, we managed to find most of the waders seen yesterday, plus Gannets and a solitary shearwater.’
    • ‘The water level at the Dehesa de Abajo is now very low, but the place was alive with birds, especially waders, ducks and coots.’
    • ‘In contrast, obtuse formations are expected in large flocks of unrelated individuals, such as spring flocks of waders migrating long distances.’
    • ‘The buzzard is the main predator of pheasants and partridge and also preys on songbirds and waders.’
    • ‘Had good birding around the township area particularly of waders & waterfowls, however the Pied kingfishers were nowhere to be seen this time.’
    1. 1.1North American A wading bird of the order "Ciconiiformes", which comprises the herons, storks, and ibises.
      • ‘At Laurel Hill, you can spot waders such as herons, egrets, bitterns and glossy ibis, and predators such as ospreys, hawks, falcons and owls, with even the occasional bald eagle.’
      • ‘In waders and shorebirds, which have large eggs for their body size, clutches are usually limited to a maximum of four eggs.’
      • ‘Lismore Lake provides a variety of habitat for swamp hen, ibis, egrets, and herons as well as many small waders.’
      • ‘These are apt descriptions for that wondrous wader, the Black-crowned Night-Heron.’
      • ‘In addition to rare plants and wildflowers, you'll find hawks and ospreys lining the river and a host of waders along the shoreline.’
    2. 1.2British A wading bird of the order "Charadriiformes", which comprises the sandpipers, plovers, and related birds.
      Also called shorebird (especially in North America)
      • ‘When I began birding three waders: lapwing, redshank and snipe were all common breeders in many areas of Norfolk.’
      • ‘The wise wader puts ‘witness marks’ or small dots on the blank of a favorite rod.’
      • ‘Swimmers and waders accounted for only 37 percent, though many more people swim or wade than surf or windsurf.’
      • ‘The meadows are also important for breeding waders including redshank and curlew.’
      • ‘The mid-May surf run was a bonus for waders and pier and jetty fishermen.’
      • ‘The wader armed with a suitable fly rod is in excellent position to take advantage of this seasonal situation.’
      • ‘Swimmers and waders were involved in 22 attacks and divers/snorkelers were victims in four.’
      • ‘Our efforts will undoubtedly have been of great benefit to the important populations of wader birds on the islands.’
      • ‘In Scotland, gamekeepers blame the buzzard, a protected bird, for the deaths of thousands of partridges, pheasants, and waders such as curlews and plovers.’
      • ‘A giant among waders, the curlew is unmistakable with long bill and legs.’
      gumboot, wellington, wader, walking boot, riding boot, field boot, jackboot, thigh boot, half-boot, ankle boot, pixie boot, chelsea boot, balmoral, desert boot, moon boot, snow boot
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  • 2wadersHigh waterproof boots, or a waterproof garment for the legs and body, used especially by anglers when fishing.

    • ‘I would also advise you take a good waterproof coat and some thigh waders.’
    • ‘I had some chest waders on, but I decided to stay on the bank until I saw some movement.’
    • ‘The next morning I put on my waders, walked into the water on the Cathedral Stretch, and began to cast.’
    • ‘My waders, which had been perfectly alright the previous week now sprung a leak.’
    • ‘Chest waders are good but make sure they've got a boot comfortable enough to allow for hours of walking.’
    • ‘La Crosse also has a line of hip boots and waders in various styles for the hunter in extremely wet conditions.’
    • ‘It is vital to keep warm when standing waist deep in chilly water for the day, and waders could be considered the most important item in an angler's wardrobe.’
    • ‘As I climbed into my chest high waders we chatted about the fishing prospects.’
    • ‘We also packed our own hip waders for the somewhat less raging portions of the river.’
    • ‘He had a spear, and was demonstrating tribal techniques for catching fish, joking with Jim, who was wearing waders and using a traditional fishing pole.’
    • ‘Why all neoprene chest high waders don't have a fly zip I will never understand.’
    • ‘More so than any lure or rod and reel, or even watertight waders, the greatest ally of any angler hoping to catch a huge trout is patience.’
    • ‘I rudely pushed past an old man in hip waders to reach the gravel road first.’
    • ‘Without doubt, these breathable waders are excellent and the best.’
    • ‘When moving around a stream or river in waders, the angler should carry as little equipment as possible and slide feet forward, not step, to avoid losing balance.’
    • ‘The water becomes so deep at the bottom of Castlegate it is out of bounds to pedestrians without waders or wellingtons.’
    • ‘If the weather turns rough, your guide can no doubt fit you up with waterproof clothing and waders.’
    • ‘I breakfasted, put on my waders, grabbed a couple of rods and commenced to walk the marshy mile or two to the Khuder.’
    • ‘Driveways, gardens and entrances were under water and many villagers could not leave their properties without wellies or waders.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that to fish in Ireland, thigh waders are a must.’