Definition of wack in English:



  • Bad; inferior.

    ‘a wack radio station’
    • ‘Saturday started off pretty wack as after dropping the missus to work I had to go to Prescot Police Station with my producer.’
    • ‘There was an attempted comeback, but it was wack.’
    • ‘Besides, I was tired with these wack rappers claiming to be this and that.’
    • ‘When I go to do my radio show, I'm struggling to pick records to play because the stuff is kind of wack.’
    • ‘The same wack cosmology holds true for record-rating systems.’
    • ‘The kids in the small club-style theatre lapped it up, but I was alienated by a wack folklore vibe - when does club dance lose its authentic edge and start to feel more like a museum display?’
    • ‘Both of these songs feature wack beats and wack rhymes.’
    • ‘When I go will folks be thinking man I hated that dude with his wack jokes, I'm glad he's gone?’
    • ‘Sure, some of the vocals are wack, but the music is pretty dope.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong, I like my hair, but straight up, I've got four words for you: that article was wack!’
    • ‘It kind of defeats the whole purpose of dissing wack MCs who can't rap if you're a ‘sick’ MC who can't write.’
    • ‘Then we did snowboards 'cause the graphics in the industry were wack.’
    • ‘‘I think that's wack if there's people out there whose only connection to hip-hop is via the Internet,’ he says.’
    • ‘I ain't one of these wack performers that was shaped and moulded.’
    • ‘Certainly remix albums rank among my CD collection's Golden Girls, or worse, play like bonus features on a wack DVD.’
    • ‘He was planning to do his own reality show (not as wack as it sounds).’
    • ‘Thankfully the groove created by Lenny Williams and crew compensates for the really wack lyrics.’
    • ‘It's also a trusted arbiter of extremes, deciding who, officially, is the most wack.’
    • ‘I'd rather be wack then mediocre, you know what I mean?’
    • ‘Hip hop, once anti-pop and now just a style of popular music, has been wack for a while now.’


  • 1A crazy or eccentric person.

    • ‘Hardly any of those wacks running for office are worth voting for.’
    • ‘The whole thing is a mess of accusations of conspiracies and attempts to paint Curtis as a wild-eyed wack.’
    • ‘Malone was a complete wack and seemed to drive Rin over the edge!’
    • ‘He had no idea what those wacks were talking about.’
    madman, madwoman, maniac, lunatic
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  • 2Worthless or stupid ideas, work, or talk; rubbish.

    ‘this track is a load of wack’
    • ‘But thanks to the proliferation of hip-hop media, which spreads the word separating the wicked from the wack, self-criticism is slowly becoming a fixture as well.’
    • ‘Not because he thinks that 50 Cent's flow is mad wack, but because - in his opinion - 50 Cent glorifies gun crime.’
    • ‘Anyway, says Ghostface Killah about the Wu's new mission: ‘The game is mad wack…’’


1930s: probably a back-formation from wacky.