Definition of vulgarly in US English:



  • See vulgar

    • ‘In 1923, Ms Reese-Jarvis filed a lawsuit against two businessmen who, she felt, were vulgarly capitalising on Mother's Day and launched a placard and pamphlet protest.’
    • ‘He plays the piano ‘badly and vulgarly,’ and what is worse, he plays Grieg.’
    • ‘On the last point, Decter returns to questions of gender relations, as they are vulgarly called, a subject to which she has made many valuable contributions over the years.’
    • ‘You had to wear something much worse - the Eton jacket, vulgarly known as the ‘bum freezer’, which was essentially a tail suit without the tails.’
    • ‘You hardly hear it now, but in 1979 it was a sneering term for a person who has acquired wealth recently, and is vulgarly ostentatious or lacking in social graces.’