Definition of voucherize in US English:


(British voucherise)


[with object]
  • (in the US) convert (a government benefits program) to a system in which participants are given vouchers with which to purchase privatized services.

    ‘we have major concerns about the impact this plan to voucherize Medicare will have on today's seniors’
    • ‘Sweden has a 100 % voucherized school system.’
    • ‘Imagine if we actually voucherized existing education spending and let students spend their vouchers to subsidize their own apprenticeships.’
    • ‘Voucherize education, but let the charter schools cherry-pick who they admit.’
    • ‘If the Veterans were authorized/voucherized so they could get health care everywhere, then the VA system would rapidly lose patients.’
    • ‘He straight up said in his speech that he would NEVER voucherize Medicare.’
    • ‘Democrats should make this election a clear choice between them pledging to fully protecting these programs and the Republican plan to voucherize them.’
    • ‘He could at least have been asked about Cummings' view that British education should be "voucherised".’
    • ‘There was never any good reason to believe that voucherizing Medicare would be anything but desperately unpopular.’
    • ‘As Florida is voucherized, charterized, and privatized to death, far too much of the real estate stands to lose tremendous value or become nearly worthless.’
    • ‘They would would voucherize, privatize, and end Medicare as we know it.’


1970s: from voucher + -ize.