Definition of votive Mass in US English:

votive Mass


  • (in the Roman Catholic Church) a Mass celebrated for a special purpose or occasion.

    • ‘Their Mass is not a Requiem Mass, but a ‘Votive Mass of the Angels’ (or the Mass of the day if a votive Mass is not allowed that particular day).’
    • ‘If it is conferred, public prayer may be said to the person and votive Masses may be celebrated in his or her name.’
    • ‘No doubt, where peace is a special local need, the votive Mass pro pace can still be sung.’
    • ‘The use of these special Marian Masses is extended to all parishes and communities seeking various votive Masses for a Saturday commemoration of Our Lady or for a special occasion.’
    • ‘In the liturgical revisions of Vatican II, the feast was deleted, though a votive Mass to the Holy Name of Jesus had been retained for devotional use by the Dominican and Franciscan Orders.’
    • ‘Violet is also used for Mass on rogation-days, for votive Masses of the Passion and of penitential character, at the blessing of candles and of holy water.’
    • ‘I was somewhat surprised by this but even if it had been said otherwise there would be nothing to stop a votive Mass of the Epiphany this morning.’
    • ‘It contains full information about all feasts (including those proper to the United States), commemorations, votive Masses, fasts and abstinence, and more.’
    • ‘A votive Mass celebrates a mystery of the Lord or a saint to which the faithful may have a special devotion.’
    • ‘The celebration of votive Masses became the primary duty of all these powerhouses of prayer.’
    • ‘This is supplemented by a certain number of votive Masses, among the rest Masses for the dead, and a collection of sets of collects, secrets and post-communions for special occasions.’
    • ‘Saturday, May 3, 1997, in honor of our Lady a votive Mass of Mary Patroness of Bavaria was celebrated at 6: 30 AM at St. Thomas Aquinas.’