Definition of voodooist in US English:



  • See voodoo

    • ‘To a voodooist, what a Christian might refer to as the soul, comes in two parts.’
    • ‘There's a quite effective twist ending where the identity of the real voodooist is revealed, even if this doesn't really make sense in terms of motivation.’
    • ‘The Beninois are deeply proud of their imperial past and their religious traditions, especially the worship of the vodun, or mysteries, which have inspired similar faiths among millions in the New World, from the voodooists of Haiti to practitioners of candomble in Brazil and santeria in Cuba.’
    • ‘Very little is known about Pritchard, Marie Laveau, or any other 19 th-century voodooists.’
    • ‘Savannah's port-city origins (it lies on the Savannah River, just inland from the Atlantic Ocean) incorporate an early population of colonists, slaves, voodooists, sailors, traders and pirates with unique social and religious beliefs.’