Definition of vongole in English:



  • usually postpositive Denoting pasta served with clams and a light sauce of olive oil, garlic, and sometimes tomatoes.

    ‘I ordered spaghetti vongole and a glass of wine’
    • ‘The linguine vongole (with clams) was a bit overcooked, but the accompaniments were great - flavourful Italian sausages, prawns, some pears and artichoke hearts in a curry sauce.’
    • ‘No sooner had a bowl of steaming spaghetti vongole been placed in front of me than Matt, in a moment of open-armed expansiveness while trying to press home a point, had knocked the entire thing into my lap.’
    • ‘Our pasta festival continued with a mound of linguine vongole, a mild tomato sauce simmered with garlic and shallots and peppered with pieces of clam.’
    • ‘The clam vongole was full of clams and the spaghetti was cooked just right.’
    • ‘Mom had a pasta vongole (with clams and shrimp).’
    • ‘The thin strands of fresh pasta in the linguini vongole were exquisitely tender and eggy, and completely absorbed the minimal olive oil-sauce.’
    • ‘I'm particularly partial to Roman delicacies such as tripe and offal, but after one particularly nasty plate of seared pig's flesh with beans, Bea decided to stick to her old favourite, spaghetti vongole.’
    • ‘Linguine vongole lacked the advertised cockles, but here, the large, plump clams were clean and perfectly cooked.’
    • ‘They won't do spaghetti vongole, for example, because they think it's too simple.’


Italian, plural of vongola ‘clam’.