Definition of vomitorium in US English:



  • 1Each of a series of entrance or exit passages in an ancient Roman amphitheater or theater.

  • 2A place in which, according to popular misconception, the ancient Romans are supposed to have vomited during feasts to make room for more food.

    • ‘But consuming large amounts of food and drink while lying on one's side, waiting to use the vomitorium, is quite another.’
    • ‘Just stagger to the handy vomitorium and come back with appetite restored.’
    • ‘Those were the days before seatbelts in the back, and we used to bounce around so merrily that by the end of any long voyage our bench was a glorified vomitorium.’
    • ‘Masters and slaves exchanged roles and both ‘ate and drank themselves insensible; they would lurch to the vomitorium and stagger back for the next course.’’
    • ‘The Romans did this and created the vomitorium where they could go after a large tasty meal, barf it all up, and start in again on another large tasty meal.’
    • ‘Thankfully there's no mention of vomitoria either.’
    • ‘But it's a cruel myth that they would troop off to the vomitorium afterwards.’
    • ‘One first class ticket straight to the vomitorium please.’
    • ‘I had read somewhere about the practice in ancient Rome of having a vomitorium.’