Definition of vomer in US English:



  • The small, thin bone separating the left and right nasal cavities in humans and most vertebrates.

    • ‘Anteriorly, the ventral surface of the vomer is narrow and ventrally convex.’
    • ‘This needle allows the surgeon greater control when placing the suture in tight spaces, such as the vomer area or posterior pharynx.’
    • ‘Together with the vomers, the septomaxilla forms the floor of the nasal cavity and encloses the vomeronasal organ.’
    • ‘These paleognath birds are characterized by large, fenestrated maxillo-palatines that do not articulate with the vomer, and short palatines that do articulate with the vomer.’
    • ‘The maxilla fuses with the vomer bone and the nasal septum.’


Early 18th century: from Latin, literally ‘plowshare’ (because of the shape).