Definition of voluntaryist in US English:



  • See voluntaryism

    • ‘From time to time, you may like to talk with family and friends about your voluntaryist beliefs.’
    • ‘Regardless of whether you agree with the voluntaryist strategy of non-participation in electoral politics, their exploration of it is powerful, thought-provoking, and raises issues that every libertarian interested in achieving a free society must be familiar with.’
    • ‘Actually, anarcho-capitalists rather often refer to themselves as contractists or voluntaryists to stress the fact that they disapprove of any coercive or force-based measures and champion a society where every individual is free to arrange his or her life as seen fit.’
    • ‘‘I am a voluntaryist,’ the man said, tripping slightly over the awkward term.’
    • ‘This ordinance was also bitterly opposed by voluntaryists in the council and throughout the colony, but in 1848 it came into operation for three years.’