Definition of voluminously in US English:



  • See voluminous

    • ‘Impressed by the novelty of the sights they witnessed, reporters wrote voluminously about the merits of the corporation, and articles appeared in many widely circulated periodicals.’
    • ‘He wrote voluminously on philosophy, logic, education, economics, and politics, and throughout his life was the champion of advanced political and social causes.’
    • ‘The newspapers which so voluminously reported parliamentary and out-of-doors speeches provided cheap, swift dissemination of political information.’
    • ‘Never from closer than 6 feet away, each one snaps his head forward and - powerfully and voluminously - spits into the courtyard, rounding off initial releases with two or three supplementaries.’
    • ‘He wrote voluminously on the subject and founded workshops to produce objects for domestic interiors.’