Definition of Voltaic in English:


noun & adjective

  • another term for Gur

Definition of voltaic in English:



  • Relating to electricity produced by chemical action in a battery; galvanic.

    • ‘In voltaic cells, for example, energy is produced in the form of electricity.’
    • ‘The polarities of the anode and cathode are reversed in comparison to their assignments in voltaic cells, but the function of the anode, being the site of oxidation, and of the cathode, being the site of reduction, is the same.’
    • ‘The redox reaction in the battery is the source of the electrical energy; batteries are voltaic cells.’
    • ‘Eventually, these hopes were fulfilled, and in 1863 Raoult gained a doctorate from the University of Paris, for a thesis on the electromotive force of voltaic cells.’
    • ‘Using ordinary hook-up electrical wire, you can use the potato to create a voltaic cell, which will power a VERY small bulb.’
    • ‘Because electrons originate at the anode in a voltaic cell, the anode has a (-) charge; electrons enter the cathode, which has a (+) charge.’
    • ‘Alpha voltaic batteries use a radioisotope such as Americium, the substance commonly used in smoke detectors, coupled with a semiconductor device that acts like a solar cell to convert alpha energy into usable electricity.’
    • ‘Power is collected through solar voltaic cells, stored on site, and converted for use in the house.’
    generated by electricity, galvanic, voltaic
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Early 19th century: from the name of A. Volta(see Volta, Alessandro) + -ic.