Definition of voltage clamp in US English:

voltage clamp


  • A constant electrical potential applied to a cell membrane, typically in order to measure ionic currents.

    • ‘Under voltage clamp, we measured the membrane current of isolated photoreceptors with tight-seal electrodes in the whole-cell mode.’
    • ‘In most experiments, we partially compensated the membrane transients to speed the membrane voltage clamp.’
    • ‘After the proper internal and external solutions were introduced, the voltage clamp was turned on at about the 20th - 23rd minute, and the fiber was repolarized.’
    • ‘The lack of expression for a mutant was defined as no currents in a two-electrode voltage clamp from at least three different RNA injections and at least two different clones.’
    • ‘The easiest method of measuring charge transfer across the membrane is the whole-cell voltage clamp because all motor charges in the cell contribute to the signal, making the signal large.’
    • ‘The two-electrode voltage clamp of a single cell can be used to assay transport, but this can only be applied to certain cell types of intact plants.’


[with object]Physiology
  • Apply a voltage clamp to (a membrane, cell, etc.)

    ‘oocytes were voltage-clamped at −80 to −100 mV’
    • ‘Second, we have designed the circuit to remove series resistance error in voltage-clamping the cell.’
    • ‘The membrane potential was voltage-clamped to 0 mV and cells were allowed to equilibrate for 5-10 min before commencement of the experiment.’
    • ‘The cells were voltage-clamped and perfused with an artificial intracellular solution containing 15 mM EGTA to ensure that the bulk of the Ca 2 + mobilized by depolarization is bound to this extrinsic buffer.’
    • ‘We cannot experimentally distinguish between this model and the one shown in Fig.8 because this would require performing tracer-flux experiments from a single voltage-clamped cell.’