Definition of Volscian in US English:



  • 1A member of an ancient Italic people who fought the Romans in Latium in the 5th and 4th centuries BC until absorbed into Rome after their final defeat in 304 BC.

    • ‘Coriolanus immediately goes to his old enemy, the Volscian general Aufidius, and offers to attack and conquer Rome on behalf of the Volscians.’
    • ‘References to Romans and their opponents the Volscians have been kept intact, but this is far from a meticulous reproduction of the period.’
  • 2The Italic language of the Volscians.


  • Relating to the Volscians.

    • ‘Caius Martius, a great Roman warrior, conquers the Volscian city of Corioli, and for this exploit he receives the honorific title ‘Coriolanus.’’
    • ‘Despite the lords’ attempts to keep the peace, the Volscian people cry out for Coriolanus' death: two of Aufidius' party fatally stab him and the rest, along with Aufidius, trample his corpse.’
    • ‘Here Aufidius turns against him, accusing him of betraying the Volscian interests, and with the assistance of conspirators of his faction, publicly kills Coriolanus.’


From Latin Volsci (the name of the people) + -an.