Definition of volcanology in English:


(also vulcanology)


  • The scientific study of volcanoes.

    • ‘Written to introduce high school and college students - as well as anyone without a serious science background - to the awe-inspiring science of volcanology, the book was not conceived as written only by female authors.’
    • ‘The warnings of an impending eruption came from vulcanology experts on the island, based on evidence of increased volcanic activity.’
    • ‘He is an internationally renowned authority in rock mechanics, seismology and volcanology.’
    • ‘‘That morning there was no dawn on Krakatoa,’ wrote Rogier Verbeek, the scientist whose work would later lay the foundations of volcanology.’
    • ‘This seemingly endless string of earthquakes calls for extra efforts from the volcanology experts.’
    • ‘The volcanology, mitigation and geological disaster office put the volcano on a ‘watch’ status on Monday after recording 24 tectonic earthquakes near Solok on April 10.’
    • ‘All aspects of oceanic island rocks, including petrography, volcanology, and geochemistry, are inter-related, Thus, no one scale of observation is entirely satisfactory to understanding their origin.’
    • ‘The inevitable vulcanology lesson is worth the read but I was more struck by how absolutely contemporary in many respects was life in Roman Campania of the first century.’
    • ‘Our research is multidisciplinary and represents social science, medicine, and volcanology.’
    • ‘Due to an increase in volcanic activities, the volcanology office in Tahuna, the main town in Sangihe island, raised the status on the mountain to ‘beware’, the highest alert level, for local villagers.’
    • ‘The programme goes on a quest for evidence, looking beyond the narrow confines of Biblical studies to bring in research from other fields, such as archaeology, anthropology, climatology, oceanography and vulcanology.’
    • ‘Confirmation of the sill-sediment-complex nature of the Volcano-Sedimentary Complex highlights the need to reassess the physical volcanology of this volcanic unit to provide a basis for the ore-deposit modelling.’
    • ‘It had a major project studying New Zealand's volcanology that involved the bed of Lake Taupo.’
    • ‘The most privileged of his guests walked with him to the top of Vesuvius to absorb his intimate knowledge of vulcanology in general and Vesuvius in particular, about which he was the acknowledged expert.’
    • ‘In this paper we describe the physical volcanology of basaltic pyroclastic deposits that were emplaced during the initial stages of Palaeogene flood volcanism in central East Greenland.’
    • ‘Quantifying the facies architecture of flood basalt provinces is important as it can be used to understand the physical volcanology and rock property variations throughout the lava sequence.’
    • ‘Both stories create a framework for exploring modern volcanology.’
    • ‘As well as the geological sciences, inputs from many other disciplines are needed, such as fluid flow, heat transfer, plate tectonics, vulcanology, planetary astronomy, and mathematics.’
    • ‘The local volcanology agency has still maintained top alert status, which will be re-evaluated every day after monitoring ongoing developments.’