Definition of volcanologist in US English:


(also vulcanologist)


  • See volcanology

    • ‘Area vulcanologists said seismic activity remained at stable, non-threatening levels.’
    • ‘The team trolled the ocean's bottom with high-resolution video cameras to collect data about geologic features that allowed volcanologists to make the first-ever computer simulations of eruptions under the sea.’
    • ‘The Philippines’ most active volcano erupted again Monday, spewing ash and molten lava into the air, prompting volcanologists to warn of more violent eruptions in coming days.’
    • ‘Seismologists and volcanologists use both seismic and infrasonic signals to monitor volcanic activity.’
    • ‘The land around Yellowstone regularly swells and subsides in response to the shifting levels of magma and volcanologists believe that one day the molten magma contained within the chamber will burst out - as it has done many times before.’