Definition of volcanically in US English:



  • See volcanic

    • ‘In gravel and rocks taken from a volcanically heated ocean bed north of Iceland, German scientists have identified an unusual microbe that appears to have the fewest genes of any living organism so far studied.’
    • ‘There have been five successive low intensity earthquakes in recent days in the island's most volcanically active zone, in the area between Mount Teide and Santiago del Teide.’
    • ‘A new model helps explain the latest episode of rapid surface rise and increased geyser activity - from 1997 to 2003-in the volcanically active region in the western United States.’
    • ‘This area is volcanically active and is a site for geothermal energy production.’
    • ‘Some people grieve mightily, volcanically, with sadness and anger and regret issuing forth like a painful eruption.’