Definition of voice recognition technology in English:

voice recognition technology


  • The technology that enables a machine or computer program to receive and interpret dictation or to understand and carry out spoken commands.

    • ‘It doesn't yet have the voice recognition technology but it can do things like read incoming email and news stories from the Internet.’
    • ‘Although the sat nav's remote control is fiddly to use when entering route information, the voice activation system overcomes this problem and shows the great leaps and bounds made in voice recognition technology.’
    • ‘As voice recognition technology improves, it will begin to play a larger role in voter communications.’
    • ‘It analyzes the words you speak using its voice recognition technology, and responds in its own words.’
    • ‘Every PC or detective who needs a hand-held computer will get one and introducing voice recognition technology will allow police to complete paperwork on the street without having to return to the station.’
    • ‘While voice recognition technology is not at that level of sophistication, it is becoming a useful tool that is finding its way onto accounting professionals' desks.’
    • ‘Those reviews usually read the same way - and seem to miss out on the point that voice recognition technology has places where it is quite useful, and does work very well.’
    • ‘Outgoing calls are made using voice recognition technology - which means that you don't break the law by operating the controls of the phone manually.’
    • ‘Since the 1980s, colleges and universities have gained experience with making hardware, such as computers with voice recognition technology and other special devices, available to disabled students.’
    • ‘We hope that the history of voiceprint analysis will not preclude courts from taking better voice recognition technologies seriously as they become available for courtroom use.’