Definition of voice acting in US English:

voice acting


  • The art or occupation of providing the voices for characters in animated films, dubbed foreign language films, audio dramas, etc.

    ‘he moved into voice acting in the 1960s, lending his vocals to Batman's sidekick Robin in the superhero cartoons’
    • ‘Recently, I spoke with Kyle and asked him a few questions about the world of voice acting among a few other things.’
    • ‘To say that the voice acting was probably the best thing from the game isn't stretching the truth all too much.’
    • ‘She retired from voice acting over a decade ago, but we'll always remember her.’
    • ‘She bought books about voice acting and breathing, and practiced on the roof of her school everyday.’
    • ‘He took heat for what some called his underwhelming voice acting performance.’
    • ‘The voice acting is great too, with a lot of very familiar names and voices making appearances.’
    • ‘If you didn't get into voice acting, what career do you think you'd be doing?’
    • ‘What really saves this from being another derivative animated flick is the voice acting.’
    • ‘You might know North best for his voice acting work in the Unchartered series.’
    • ‘Great voice acting all around and a fantastic story make "Wreck-it Ralph" my favorite animated movie of 2012.’