Definition of vocoder in US English:



  • A synthesizer that produces sounds from an analysis of speech input.

    • ‘If you like hard-edged electro, vocoders, and house beats then you will find something neat here without any shadow of a doubt.’
    • ‘They used and combined synthesizers, vocoders, custom-built sequencers, rudimentary rhythm boxes, and home made drum pads in a fashion unlike anything previously heard.’
    • ‘The error correction codes within the encoded, digital voice samples are removed to recover the original digital voice samples generated by the vocoder in the digital telephone.’
    • ‘Luckily, sentiments like these fall flat when gravelized through the vocoder anyway.’
    • ‘With the dance floor set firmly in their sights the crashing breaks, mammoth guitar riffs and vocoders are unleashed with a reckless regard for human safety.’
    • ‘He has been substituted with voice vocoders, heavy synthesizers and dubious baselines.’
    • ‘Today, there seem to be as many virtual instrument plug-ins as there are guitars, synths, vocoders, basses, string sections and electric pianos to emulate.’
    • ‘Synth pads and a vocoder may seem a tad too trendy, but since the guys have pretty bad hair, they can get away with it.’
    • ‘Today, improved technology has resulted in much more powerful vocoders than their disco/new wave-era counterparts ever hoped to be.’
    • ‘Sure they use samples, vocoders and other electronic witchery as well, but they avoid the sometimes thin, stiff house experience by using guitars, bass and drums as key ingredients.’
    • ‘I like that they remember what guitars were for, and that Thom decided he could sing without putting his voice through ten filters and vocoders.’
    • ‘To be fair, there are a few songs on this album that don't obsess over vocoders and other electronic effects - songs that focus much more attention on his guitar and his voice.’
    • ‘The vocoder has been in regular use for more than 30 years, and in the past five it's become something of a cliché but his treatments are original.’


1930s: from voice + code + -er.