Definition of vocalism in US English:



  • 1The use of the voice or vocal organs in speech.

    ‘his composition uses many types of vocalism from humming and whistling to invented languages’
    1. 1.1 The skill or art of exercising the voice in singing.
      ‘jazz vocalism has been a strong influence on popular singing’
      count noun ‘his trademark vocalisms have helped set the standard for hard rock as we know it’
      • ‘Röschmann's imposing yet sensitive vocalism and sheer stamina are a triumph.’
      • ‘Here was more gorgeous vocalism - the icing on the musical cake.’
      • ‘Brendel, on the other hand, presented the piano parts in his customary bleak way, clothing the songs in an expressive straitjacket completely at odds with Goerne's fluid vocalism.’
      • ‘Probably due to his reliance on the score, much of his vocalism lacked emotional or expressive nuance.’
      • ‘Adriana is no match for her hauteur and ruthlessness, and, with her solid vocalism, she is the center of attention every time that she is on stage.’
      • ‘Wixell's Count is another fine piece of vocalism and acting; like the Countess, we forgive him at the end because of his charm, and because we feel that he has grown wiser through this day of madness.’
      • ‘Again, Corelli's vocalism is certainly up to snuff, although ‘Di quella pira’ is so abbreviated as to be almost senseless.’
      • ‘Clare Lesser responds with some stunning vocalism whilst keeping a clear, expressive purity of tone, though I still felt that she could have had more feel for the words.’
      • ‘The glorious vocalism of Maria Guleghina and Kate Aldrich made this presentation an evening to remember!’
      • ‘And in the duets, Rutter and Gavin were glorious; faced with such wonderful vocalism we could not help but be carried away and forget the work's rather dodgy dramaturgy.’
  • 2Phonetics
    A vowel sound or articulation.

    • ‘But of course, linguists will note, the vocalism is different here: bock does not rhyme with buck.’
    1. 2.1 A system of vowels used in a given language.