Definition of vocalism in US English:



  • 1The use of the voice or vocal organs in speech.

    1. 1.1 The skill or art of exercising the voice in singing.
      • ‘Probably due to his reliance on the score, much of his vocalism lacked emotional or expressive nuance.’
      • ‘And in the duets, Rutter and Gavin were glorious; faced with such wonderful vocalism we could not help but be carried away and forget the work's rather dodgy dramaturgy.’
      • ‘Wixell's Count is another fine piece of vocalism and acting; like the Countess, we forgive him at the end because of his charm, and because we feel that he has grown wiser through this day of madness.’
      • ‘Adriana is no match for her hauteur and ruthlessness, and, with her solid vocalism, she is the center of attention every time that she is on stage.’
      • ‘Brendel, on the other hand, presented the piano parts in his customary bleak way, clothing the songs in an expressive straitjacket completely at odds with Goerne's fluid vocalism.’
      • ‘The glorious vocalism of Maria Guleghina and Kate Aldrich made this presentation an evening to remember!’
      • ‘Again, Corelli's vocalism is certainly up to snuff, although ‘Di quella pira’ is so abbreviated as to be almost senseless.’
      • ‘Clare Lesser responds with some stunning vocalism whilst keeping a clear, expressive purity of tone, though I still felt that she could have had more feel for the words.’
      • ‘Here was more gorgeous vocalism - the icing on the musical cake.’
      • ‘Röschmann's imposing yet sensitive vocalism and sheer stamina are a triumph.’
  • 2Phonetics
    A vowel sound or articulation.

    • ‘But of course, linguists will note, the vocalism is different here: bock does not rhyme with buck.’
    1. 2.1 A system of vowels used in a given language.