Definition of viziership in US English:



  • See vizier

    • ‘He presented himself at the palace of the king, who was so captivated by his wisdom and knowledge that he appointed the traveler to the viziership.’
    • ‘The viziership of the eunuch Suleyman Pasha was evidently based upon his extraordinary service in Ottoman Egypt, his success in expelling the Portuguese from the Red Sea and Arabia, and in firmly establishing Ottoman rule in Yemen and Aden during his long governorship of Egypt.’
    • ‘One family's control over the viziership came to be more stable than the transfer of kingship.’
    • ‘Overthrown temporarily, and in an evil hour his prerogative endangered, his domination was re-established more indisputably now than ever in the grand viziership of his son.’
    • ‘Ýbrâhîm Pasha's viziership coincided with the Ottoman Tulip Era, a time known both for its aesthetic achievements and its decadence.’