Definition of viviparity in US English:



  • See viviparous

    • ‘The capacity for uptake by the fetal membranes may well be a primitive sauropsid feature that long predates the evolution of viviparity.’
    • ‘Some have direct development of terrestrial eggs, and even ovovivipary and true viviparity are known in caudates.’
    • ‘Oviparity with free-swimming larvae is the most common, but direct terrestrial development and viviparity (with attendant internal fertilization) are known in toads as well.’
    • ‘The evolution of viviparity, which frees the mother from having to deposit eggs on land, and the tailfirst birth of the young imply that Carsosaurus was well on its way to a more fully aquatic lifestyle.’
    • ‘Direct development and viviparity have evolved in all three groups of Lissamphibia: frogs, salamanders and caecilians.’