Definition of vividness in US English:



  • See vivid

    • ‘Behind his jollity and vividness, lay a cold, dark interior, hidden to all.’
    • ‘The vividness of the dream suggests this is more than mere ‘tiredness’ but is an actual loss of your vitality.’
    • ‘It also has a vividness and directness not usually associated with paintings worked up from sketches and photographs.’
    • ‘As we will see, his works display an acute awareness of human faults and frailties and his writing exhibits a vividness and an elegance that makes it a pleasure to read.’
    • ‘It would be a work of closely observed non-fiction written with all the commitment and vividness of a novel.’
    • ‘Carter's approach repeatedly makes for greater vividness.’
    • ‘It is also a limited work, cartoonish, narrow, raucous, too often mistaking noise for vividness.’
    • ‘The astonishing events made many Americans recognize with a new vividness the nation itself as part of their circle of concern.’
    • ‘Click on something, and you get more information on it - a flashback of varying clarity and vividness of how you've related to it in the past.’
    • ‘I closed my eyes against their purple vividness to listen.’
    • ‘I remember that dinner table with extraordinary vividness even now.’
    • ‘Glasgow's industry also had a peculiar vividness, which is retained by such of that industry as remains.’
    • ‘Its inhabitants' manners and mores are documented with eyewitness vividness.’
    • ‘Regarded simply on its literary merits, there is nothing I know of to excel it in vividness, in pathos, in a burning earnestness, in a glow of conviction that fires from the heart to the heart.’
    • ‘In recent years, a homesickness for myth - for the sensuality and vividness that ‘history’ discards - has inspired a renaissance of poem as narrative.’
    • ‘Partly it is the vividness of it - the great, gleaming engines with their clanking levers and hissing gouts of steam, and the almost vaudevillian cast of characters.’
    • ‘I do however remember with all the hot vividness of adolescent self-consciousness that, as soon as I had money to buy my own clothes, I learned to appreciate a good cut and quality material.’
    • ‘The dances are full of vividness and freedom and arm motion.’
    • ‘The scenarios are highlighted with italics and read with the immediacy of vividness of the morning paper.’
    • ‘Though she describes herself as ‘not very well educated’, there is that vividness of her imagination, the way she seems to see in intense colours.’