Definition of vividly in US English:



  • 1In a way that produces powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.

    ‘Margaret remembers vividly the day she received the grim news’
    ‘Twain vividly portrays the brutality of slavery’
    as submodifier ‘I am vividly aware of the need for good journalism’
    • ‘The project was a herculean undertaking that is brought vividly to life in the book.’
    • ‘The introduction of a British ship into a chinoiserie scene is highly unusual and vividly illustrates Liverpool's early interest in world trade.’
    • ‘It is here that the impact of early Christian symbolism on Velarde's thinking is vividly apparent.’
    • ‘Her use of blacks and whites is at once severe and lush, vividly evocative of the tensions in Islamic society.’
    • ‘Here I believe history can be imagined more vividly than in any book or costume drama.’
  • 2In an intensely deep or bright manner.

    ‘flowers of different hues shining vividly in the bright sunshine’
    ‘vividly colored paintings’
    • ‘Colour comes vividly into play with bands of pink, orange and silver forming a striated, kaleidoscopic coating that looks good enough to eat.’
    • ‘His eyes - disgruntled and confrontational - are also vividly painted.’
    • ‘The floral forms are excavated and filled with a drywall mud that, when cured, is painted with vividly hued enamels.’
    • ‘The park has a combination of flat, hard-surface walks and retaining walls, surrounding areas of foliage and flowers of vividly contrasting colors.’
    • ‘In his later years, he frequently painted highly sensual, vividly colored female nudes.’