Definition of vive la différence in English:

vive la différence


  • An expression of approval of difference, especially that between the sexes.

    • ‘It has been used by too many wineries to mask the shortcomings in a poorly made wine, but ultimately it is a personal choice, so vive la difference.’
    • ‘All these books were translated into English and presumably found audiences in the States, who themselves could say with approval then - vive la difference.’
    • ‘But whether Dumas classic or dumbass fun, both sides of the coin denote equal entertainment value; vive la difference.’
    • ‘Certainly, there are differences between men and women - and vive la difference!’
    • ‘It was a case of vive la difference in Holt on Sunday as families beat the Boxing Day blues with the annual boules tournament.’


From French, literally long live the difference.


vive la différence

/ˌvēvə lä difəˈräns/